Monday, December 13, 2010

Curious Crew

Curious Crew - Image c 2010 Lynda Lehmann

A herd of friendly cows out to pasture on a Maine farm, is curious at the presence of passersby.  I got such a kick out of the way they made their way across the field in an orderly cue, and then turned their heads in unison to look at the camera-toting woman on the road.  They struck me as very gentle, curious and sweet, and I think they would have sauntered all the way over to say hello, if it weren't for the electrified fence enclosing their pasture.  By the way they hang together, one can surmise that they must be very social animals.

I remember seeing some calves turned out to pasture one year, on a different farm.  They were playful and exuberant, like children finally busting out of class on a gorgeous afternoon.  Not to cast them with human traits, but to me their innocence seemed very real and palpable. 

It's at times like this when I question how it is that we can eat meat!  I'm not a vegetarian but the idea of consuming these gentle creatures does not sit well with me.

I shot this image in September but when I saw it in my files today, I wanted to share it with you. 

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