Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ice Abstract: Nature's Subtle Palette and Dynamic Design

Ice Abstract - c 2011 Lynda Lehmann

Nature never fails to fascinate.  In every season, in every kind of weather, at every time of day, intricate patterns and textures captivate the eye.  My prize for walking the beach on a bitter cold day last week, besides almost-frozen toes, was this view of cracked ice along the side of the road.  I think it makes a beautiful abstract.  

I'm forever marveling at how accidental arrangements can be so arresting and gorgeous.  The Earth's natural processes produce patterns, textures and designs that outdo the best capabilities of the human hand and eye.  

What have you seen in your locale this week, that made you feel blessed with the serendipitous beauty of nature's grand design?

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  1. How delightful the shapes, curvy lines and textures here - ice produces some of nature's most beautiful designs. Wonderful shot Lynda.

  2. I love the patterns created with broken ice, and this one you captured above is lovely! It's so true how nature in its normal pattern has created so much intricate beauty if only we stop to look at it.

  3. This is positively gorgeous-found art. Nature is always making art, if we have the eyes to see it. I was having similar thoughts recently, staring out my bedroom window, at a bunch of icicles that were hanging from the roof.

  4. JANICE - I like the curves etched in the ice, against the sharper, straighter cracks. When I saw it, it felt like the shocking recognition of something beautiful, waiting for me to capture it. A sort of "eureka" moment!

  5. SSQuo - To me, that's the secret of a full, rich life: stopping long enough to take things in. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. nothing profound - Aren't the icicles gorgeous this year?! I've seen some that are maybe 10-12 feet long, almost like stalagtites, hanging from the roof-lines of two-story homes. But I keep missing the opportunity to photograph them, because weeks of stormy weather have been working against me!

  7. Nature never fails to fascinate - you are so right Lynda. Nature never fails. I think there is no limit of how many unique patterns mother nature produces, not to mention, they are probably never the same. Beautiful abstract as always Lynda, and I can never emphasize how good eye you have for textures and patterns. Hope all is well with you. Anna :)

  8. Hi Lynda!

    How are you, my darling?

    What a gorgeous picture: It would look magical on a wall! I am telling you...

    Nature is fab: I not only love it but also have a deep respect for it.

    Now, what have I seen on my locale this week that made me feel blessed? Flowers...beautiful flowers: yes, Spring time is already here in Portugal and boy do I feel blessed :D. It is warm again and the air feels sweet.

    My dear friend, I wish you a fantastic weekend!

    Cheers and hugs

  9. ANNA - Hello! I have missed you in the last month or so and must come over to see if you've posted.

    I hope you had a joyous and healthy holiday season with your family. I know you must be longing for spring, if you've had as much snow as we've had. And I assume you have.

    Kisses to Matthew from New York. I'm so glad you're back!

  10. MAX - You are fortunate to be experiencing spring so early. I guess you must be at a more southern latitude than we are here in NY? (I should look at a map.)

    Enjoy every moment, my dear, and breathe deep of the sweet new growth of living things!

    My very best to you.


  11. I'm tickled to meet you and see that we also have this in common: love of nature and its art and patterns. My favorite yesterday: The dried sunflowers, what's left of them, topped with little crowns of snow.

  12. Ruth - Yes, we have a lot in common, including our interest in writing. We have lots to share, so I'm looking forward to our visits.

    I'm still astounded at the power of your writing in your last post!

  13. Lovely shot. As kids, my brother & I would refer to that as "potato chip ice," because it would crunch in the same way when you stepped on it.

    As for what I've seen lately, yesterday was my first sightings of lesser scaup and redheads. Very cool. :)

  14. First, I read your full profile. This is a quote from you:
    "You have a red jar of cedar chips. Why do moths miss the forest?
    They're CHEDDAR chips. The moths can't smell the forest through the cheese."
    You are SO funny! I needed a laugh. As for this piece, at first, I thought it was steel, or some kind of metal...positively beautiful! You have to tell me what camera gear you are using. I'm old school, so I really want a DSLR, but I've got a 5.0 on my phone, not too shabby.
    On the subject of black &white: I've only sold 2 photos, each $125..I was just getting started. And I didn't even mat them! They were from a 12-photo series I took in my 20's or Martha's Vineyard sunrise. Everything was green, and in black and white, it was hard to tell where the sky ended and the water began. I'm a big fan of b&w photos. Colorizing these would have ruined the effect. Instead, I made 6 prints, 3 each, using monochromatics: yellow, red, blue, may have added green, don't remember.
    I love this and the next one as well. Oh, and I discovered again how much we have in common. If you haven't seen it, Hamlet II is a riot! You'll get the references, I'm sure.
    Take care, and sweet tides, Linda

  15. Scriba - I'm glad to see you. Thanks for dropping by and for appreciating my "cheesy" humor!

    We'll have to talk about photography sometime and yes, we do seem to have a lot in common!

    I'm getting ready for my painting group tomorrow but will stop by asap! Have a good evening and I sure hope you're feeling well this week.

  16. LANA - I guess those are two bird species that you're referring to? It seems you are just surrounded by wildlife and birds of all feathers. What a blessing!

    "Potato chip ice" is a great metaphor. I'll have to remember that for the future!

  17. Beautiful picture. I was entranced this week by the rust and peeling paint on an old step ladder that had been left outdoors. Up close it was magnificent, like a small galaxy there before my eyes.

    My partner didn't share my observation! ;-)

  18. Wonderful contrast to Thursdays, painting, Lynda. I think there's something about black and white that makes us work to see...and then delight.

  19. Gorgeous! Just beautifully icy and cool.

  20. Indeed,Nature - God's ultimate work of art -"never fails to fascinate".
    The view of cracked ice is a superb capture. It makes for a valuable abstract picture that could proudly be displayed on any wall.

  21. CONDA - That's precisely what I love about abstraction. It has enough mystery and ambiguity that it calls on the viewer to participate, to commit the eye so to speak, to find the beauty and perhaps one's own meaning.

  22. TANGLED STITCH - Lana Gramlich called it "potato chip ice," and now I keep thinking of it that way. I can hear the "crunch, crunch, crunch" of feet or tires moving over it.

  23. DUTA - Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. To me all art is valuable, because it enriches our day and helps us to see the world in new ways.

  24. Wonderful and very creative abstract composition.

  25. LEOVI - Thanks so much for visiting again! I'm glad you like it!

  26. I love the patterns that nature comes up with, they seem endless interms of creativity, and they're almost always beautiful. Great abstract, really like the swirling patterns in the ice!

  27. hamiltonkieran - I feel the same about nature's colors, forms and patterns. Thanks for your visit! I'll be over to visit your blog ASAP.


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