Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ponderosity: From My New Series of Small Abstract Expressionist Paintings

Ponderosity - Lynda Lehmann c 2011

An artist friend recently told me that she likes my black and white paintings and I had to ponder on the appeal of black and white.  

I've always loved design and I think painting in black and white gives a very graphic allure and perhaps a stronger design/compositional sense than using color.  Using color most often makes the color the "truth" of the painting, at least for those of us whose wild color-love becomes unleashed when we dip our brushes (or other tools) into lush pigments.

This small painting on gallery-wrapped canvas measures 11 by 14 inches, and except for a few linear brush strokes applied at the end, was done with a palette knife. 

According to "ponderosity" is a related form of "ponderous," an adjective which means:

of great weight; heavy; massive.
awkward or unwieldy: He carried a ponderous burden on hisback.
dull and labored: a ponderous dissertation.

Here's wishing you an artful day.  May nothing too ponderous come your way!

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