Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Spark

Lake at Dawn - Image c Lynda Lehmann


 Creativity is the tiny voice that sings "I am" in the gloom of the darkest night.  
It is the song of the soul, revealing itself, 
reveling in tiny moments of truth.

Creativity is the pulse that quivers with hope in the rubble of man's discontent, 
and the flame of commitment in the rearing of a child.

Creativity lays a gentle sheen on the tired world
 on a moonless night, filling 
hollows and thickets and stark rooms 
with murmurs of quiet inspiration.

Creativity quells the thirst for empty pleasures and 
rides the waves of painful days.  

It fills old wounds and heals them.

It lights and smooths the steepest path.

It is the balm of my soul, my intention, my purpose and passion.  

Creativity is the Light of my life.

- Poem c Lynda Lehmann 2011

Solitude - Image c Lynda Lehmann

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