Friday, February 13, 2009

Passages: The Road to Self-Knowledge


We hide behind our masks: our jobs, affiliations, and credentials. Each of us strives to live a good life. But we get caught up in the pursuit of creature comforts, entertainment, and ego-driven goals. These strivings obscure self-knowledge.

Only mindfulness is the path to the heart of your life.


The Yellow Door

The light is within you.

All images and text c Lynda Lehmann. If you would like to view more of my art or make a purchase, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography or my gallery at Imagekind, where you can choose from several sizes and paper types or buy my prints plain or matted and framed.

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  1. Very insightful and extremely powerful post. The images you've paired it with make it even more powerful. Thank you!


  2. lovely images Lynda
    those masks are incredible..
    I bet they have a story to tell :)
    I'd love to know what lies beyond that yellow door too..
    mystical and intriguing!!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you xx

  3. Lynda very powerful post! You know I am so glad that I have matured over the years, I love just being me, and being a mom, I think this is the most rewarding job ever! Lynda your images are award winning!!! Anna :)

  4. Lynda:

    I love these shots. Great job.

    Did you change the background color of your home page? Looks good.

    Happy trails.

  5. thanks for sharing your insight and the comment on my dragonfly post - I'm still blogging, no as frequent perhaps, but I'm still in it. Cheers.

  6. Lynda these are wonderful. I especially love the long white hallway. I simply love all of your work.

    Every time I think I have discovered my very favorite you post more and I find another.

    Happy Valentine's day to you!:-)

  7. Thoughtful post...I sometimes feel as though I'm standing looking at the yellow door!!!!


  8. Your post is full of metaphors for personal development. The eternal pathway/road is a labyrinth both symbolic and physical that leads us the “heart of life.” Thanks for another signpost on the path of life.

  9. CINDY - Thank you. I try to remind myself how much power we each have within us, to steer the ships of our lives, even over rough waters. We have infinite power over ourselves, if we have self-awareness.

  10. KIM - Happy Valentine's Day to you! It's great to see you back blogging. Are you completely settled in?

  11. ANNA - I can tell you love being a mother! It comes across very well in your posts! It's a wonderful stage of life to be in, although of course, it's not easy. And the process of parenting definitely helps us to see our lives differently--from a wider perspective--and to mature.

    I hope I have matured, as well!

    Thank you for your kind words, Anna. I always love hearing from you. :)

  12. Swubird, thanks! Yes, I changed the colors. I get restless and always want to improve the look of it. It's difficult to settle on something I like a lot.

    Happy trails to you!

  13. Cactus Jack Splash - Thank you very much. :)

    Kriz - I didn't think I had seen you around very much for awhile. Glad to see you're still blogging!

    Shinade - Thank you for your kind words. I've missed you, as you know.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

  14. AZURE ISLANDS DESIGNS - Yes, it's as if insight lies at the end of the hall (or tunnel or alleyway) and sometimes we just don't know how to GET there! :)

    RONALD - Your drawings are symbolic, if not specifically metaphoric.

    And your blog is so interesting. Your love for ideas comes across. I left you a comment yesterday but I'm not sure if it got lost in cyberspace.

  15. Lovely post & shots, of course. The masks are particularly fitting to me, as Mardi Gras has begun down here in N'awlins! (Which means I won't be leaving my house--unless I HAVE to--for a couple of weeks now. *L*)

  16. Wow, I love the black and white pic. Where was that taken? Good insight as well. I'm still searching for the yellow door. Of course, it would help if I could find the light switch in my corridor.

  17. Lynda - your words and your images - they are so perfect together. Powerful by themselves, but you put them together and they are beautiful!

    Love the Yellow Door!

    Hope you had a great Valentines day!

  18. Wow, awesome words and images, so insightful Lynda. Love the brick pathway!!

  19. LANA - I've never been to Mardi Gras. You mean the whole area gets so crowded that you want to stay in?

    Hope you can maintain your peace!

  20. INKPOT - These were all taken in Italy. I've been there just once, to the northern seacoast and Venice. A gorgeous and intriguing country...

    I can't find the lightswitch either, most days, or even my reading glasses! :)

    KATHY - Thank you! We had a quiet day, but that's GOOD! :) I tried to make a water video on the beach.

    I think I need a real video camera to get any quality. I have just my tiny point and shoot for movies, as our old vid-cam was 26 years old and a dinosaur. We finally got rid of it, but don't have a new one. :(

    BOB - Thank you! Have you made slide shows or a movie of your wonderful animated GIFs yet? Or do you think that would not work?

  21. Lynda: Love the masks and the doorway. Very nice as always. Italy is such an awesome place for artists!

  22. ANNE - Thank you! Hope all is well...

    MARK - I agree. I hope to go back there one day, even if I have to backpack my trip, lol... There are artist's colonies like Bussana Vecchia that I would like to experience. Maybe rent a studio for six months. Okay, so I'm dreamin'....

  23. Splendid photograph and splendid scene which take us along towards infinite… Symbolique labyrinth arched which invites to share its secrecies and with going still further, to look further into the secrecies of the heart. Superb, Lynda !!!

  24. PIERRE - Thank you very much. I'm glad you liked it. It makes me feel really good when my blogging friends RELATE to my posts. Or me, to theirs. I love sharing with you. :)

  25. You made extraordinary things, Lynda, and it's a real pleasure of coming to visit your creations, your photographs, your paintings. You are full with talent and I raise my goblet in your honor, Lynda!;)

  26. Pierre, I am flattered and honored by your words, coming from such a creative person as you are! Thank you SO much for your kindness!

    I'll be over to visit again soon! :)


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