Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thoughts Brought on by Snowfall

I was looking for quotes from Romantic and Transcendental poets tonight, to go with my post of these snow photos, when the thought occurred to me to write my own. I had fun doing it, and I hope that in spite of my inexperience as a poet, these thoughts will resonate with you on some level.


We are the matrix, Essence of One, whose face we know but look not on, enough to countervail our strife. It's men who fashion war from life.

Fluffy whiteness wraps the world, in expectation fresh and new--even as every sign of life, is covered by the winter's dew.

Made equal by the blowing drifts, all objects claimed by nature's shroud, fall back to states of innocence, wherein the world by winter's grasp, becomes a clean slate, waiting, new....


Impartial sky shakes flakes of white, as minds shed hazy, unformed thoughts, into the pale, impartial night.


Children flourish in the play, the snow has brought into their day. Seeing hills and trees and sky with eyes that shine with wondering "why?"

Quiescent places, frozen yes, but ready to spring at life's behest--to action, bloom, fresh hue, and scent. Life spins emergent, not yet spent.


All images and text c 2007 by Lynda Lehmann. All rights reserved.

The above photos, top to bottom, are "Matrix," "Winterbloom," "Drifts and Shadows," and "Shadow Reach," and are available for purchase at .

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