Friday, July 11, 2008

Scenic Nature-Zen and a Study in Opposites: Spray and Stone

Sparkling River Gems - Image c 2008 Lynda Lehmann

Pebbles glisten in the froth and foam of this energetic stream, while the foam changes pace and pattern to rim the rocks in festoons of white bubbles.

Dazzled by the Sparkling Stream - Image c 2008 Lynda Lehmann

These girls wade into the clear, cold water pouring out of the White Mountains into Diana's Baths, a scenic and serene spot in eastern New Hampshire. I feel they must be as fascinated by the glimmer and colors of the rocks sparkling beneath the waters rippling surface, as I am. Nature welcomes them into this beautiful and pristine pool among the boulders.

Dance Over Boulders - Image c 2008 Lynda Lehmann

This boy's smile and lithe step say a lot about his sense of joy and discovery at this beautiful scenic spot on a New Hampshire river. His stance is graceful and puts him in a visual harmony with the curve and flow of the boulders.

Spray and Stone - Image c 2008 Lynda Lehmann

Also taken at Diana's Baths in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, this shot is one of contrasts: between light and shadow; the delicateness of the spray and solidity of the stone; between what is ephemeral (the water's flow) and what is enduring (the mass and steadfastness of the boulders.) It is also a study in textures and the more subtle colors of nature's palette.
Thanks for sharing the joy of nature with me!

Images and text c Lynda Lehmann. You can buy these prints in several sizes, on a variety of papers or framed, at my Imagekind gallery or Artist Rising. The links to these and my other sites are in my sidebar.

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