Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The seasons change, and we change. All things cycle, yet remain the same. An endless progression of birth, transformation, death, and rebirth, is revealed in the surrender of the warm and fertile months, to winter's formidable grasp. Pain may mark our rites of passage as often as joy, but renewal waits on each day's horizon.

Image and text c Lynda Lehmann. Printed in archival inks on Canon professional photo paper, 8 x 10 inches matted to 11 x 14 inches. Please feel free to ask about other sizes. You can visit my site at if you would like to see more of my work!

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  1. this is a fantastic shot of an amazing place. well done

  2. Perfect title and words for this scene! Well done!

  3. excellent Shot lynda!
    True, change is inevitable and its the only way to know the changeless.

  4. Lynda -

    This touched me... deeply -- both the image and the text.

    Thank you.


  5. Each stands alone, together they are very powerful and lovely. Thanks, I needed that today.

  6. Thanks, evlahos, KML, and merging point! Have a great day! Hope it's not icy where you are, as it is here...

  7. hi sparky and glorious hats,

    you have no idea how happy it makes me if my words and images have meaning for others!

    we each need to feed our spirit when we can. it takes courage sometimes just to look out at the world and say, "i still have hope for humanity."

    and sometimes the hardest thing is to have courage and hope for our own place in the scheme of things, and to say, "okay, i am blessed in many ways and i will continue to strive."

  8. The mystery is of quite another nature in your picture than in the one you so very nicely commented on in my blog (and much better expressed too!).

    I much prefer the mystery of spring than winter - having seen so much of it.

  9. Hi,

    Your site is one of my favorites seen around blog explosion. Keep up the good work.
    I enjoy reading your blog. It is great to find someone who can find the fun things in life!

    I wish you all the best in all years.

    Please take a look at my websites as well. I look forward to developing a friendship and networking with you. Let me know if there is something I can do to assist you with your business.

    With Regards,

    Karoly Domonyi

  10. Lynda you always have a nice way to frame the nature, and this is one of them. Nice post too, and so true. Anna :)

  11. lovely words Lynda...
    the perspective in your image is wonderful !!!
    it looks like paradise :)

  12. hello runee,

    going back a few years, i did not mind winter. i liked the clarity of it, and those intense orange sunsets behind the black silhouettes of trees. but the cold that comes with it, is no longer agreeable to me! (staying active helps....)

    runee, i think i saw at the Bussana Vecchia international artist's colony site, a "runee" who lives there. i was wondering if you have ever been there, or if you might be that person?

  13. Thank you very much, Karoly. I did check out your site. Good luck with it! The web is such a good place for marketing....

    Lynda :)

  14. Thank you, dear Anna. You always take wonderful photos yourself, and you have such a nice way of being positive and sweet, and a knack for sharing. I've enjoyed "meeting" you!

  15. This scene is in southwest Maine, Kim, which is now under two feet of snow! lol...

    So much for "Changes..." :0

  16. This is a wonderful shot, it almost looks as if all the seasons are combined into one shot.


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