Sunday, January 13, 2008

She Sees No More

I took this image on a walk at a local estate. I was attracted to this pedestal in the shadows, with the expressionless face and unseeing eyes highlighted as if for emphasis, by the lack of moss or rust-colored stain in this area. The vines hanging from the top and their shadows, add a grotesque or Gothic touch, and to me, bring in the idea of longing and loss.

Is this face etched in stone in memory of a lost loved one? Is it a statement on mortality? Or on hopes of immortality? Is she a princess turned to stone by some mythic curse as punishment for her vanity? Or is she merely a pretty face, a superimposed decorative element in a lavish environment? Of course, you may draw your own interpretation! Image c Lynda Lehmann.

Printed in Canon archival inks on pro photo paper, 8 x 10 inches. Matted to 11 x 14 inches and sealed in an archival plastic sleeve to protect it until you choose a standard-size frame. My signature will appear on the mat, not on the print. Please feel free to ask about other sizes. You can view more of my art at

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  1. It reminds me more of the kind of youngster that the Greeks put on their urns. I Have seen representations of Alexander the great not unlike this. Ver telling.

    Thank you for your visit!

  2. wonderful and dramatic capture. well done

  3. It does remind me of the Greeks as well......T

  4. Makes me think of eons passed.

  5. No life in the eyes
    remains a statue...

  6. an enduring image Lynda...
    you have such a varied array of wonders in your neighbourhood....
    I think the face etched in stone interpretation is the one that I would agree with ...
    there is certainly a deeper mystery here IMO....
    and yes the Greek Myths do come to mind too :)
    hope your exhibition preparation is going to plan ...
    the days are flying so fast...eek !!

  7. Lynda, maybe this is the image of the sculptor's beloved...

  8. Hi friends ,
    A beautiful place here!,wonderful and dramatic capture and
    Excellent post!.
    have a good day....


  9. Great pic Lynda, and I love your insights to what it means to you, sign of a good photographer.

  10. Hey Lynda,

    Now this is what I call a romantic photo! Exceptional!!

    To answer your questions: I think that the face is of someone who was loved yet that love was never experienced (platonic love); and thus the expressionlessness.
    I am not sure if it a statement on mortality, but it may be an eternal proof of an unfulfilled love.
    LOL I loved this question "Is she a princess turned to stone by some mythic curse as punishment for her vanity?" LOL it could be, but if she has not expression on her face it means that it was carved with some kind of scorn...

    This was fun! Before I leave...the light on this photo is absolutely gorgeous, it transmits a sense of mystery....very nice....


  11. It really does have a mood to it - and you captured it well!

  12. That is just so eerily beautiful. Great picture.

  13. Hi Lynda really cool post. Never really think about the statues like that, so from now on whenever I pass by the monument I will think twice. Well, not sure if you will like my interpretation, I see blind woman that feels the world, and it does not matter that she cannot see, because she is happy to feel it with other touch or smell senses. But then she is just the monument....Thanks Lynda for sharing, beautifully captured. Anna :)

  14. thanks for visiting my site! love for photos!

  15. digital polaroids, i hadn't thought of that one. maybe it's his beloved illicit paramour, and her identity was never revealed...?

  16. de_kerinchi, thank you for visiting and commenting!

  17. hello bob and thanks for stopping by! i appreciate your visits a lot and will be over soon to read your latest...

  18. kim, hello and i hope this week finds you with less discomfort and maybe some insight into what's causing your pain. did you have the MRI yet?

    my show is coming up in two weeks, and i have been getting ready for it for a long time. seems like forever.... soon i'll be spending more time just painting and blogging again. i can't wait!

  19. max, with all the things i thought about the sculpted face on this pedestal, the word "romantic" escaped me! thank you for sharing your perception and perceptiveness with me.

    good to "see" you! hope you're having a great week!

  20. KML, thank you. i always appreciate and savor a compliment from you! :)

  21. noelevz, the illusions on your site are fascinating!

  22. Anna, now that's a thought. She may well be blind but as you said, her other senses have filled in for her sight, and she is happy anyway. That's a good metaphor for all of us to be happy--to look at the glass as half-filled instead of as half empty.

    Always nice to talk to you, Anna! xxx


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