Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Join the Peace Train!

I've joined the Peace Train over at Carol's Place for Peace:

If you're interested, read her post about it and sign up! We all have the power of the written word. Let's use it in the name of peace-building whenever we can!

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  1. hi Lynda
    I've joined up too !!!
    great cause...
    the plum and chrome car photo is superb....won't these look great in a series !!!

  2. Thanks very big for this wonderful link.

    Suwat Po
    Digitalshuttermania Blogger

  3. I joined the peace train for sure!!!! What a wonderful thing! I also couldn't help it so I posted something about it on my blog. Thanks for sharing this with us! *HUGS*

  4. Great idea! I'm signing up.

  5. Hi.I joined the peace train. Care to visit my blog okay? Please vote me too!!!Ciao!:)

  6. Kim, I'd love to print a whole series of auto shots, abstracted and very large. When I win the lottery, he he, I can afford a larger, large-format photo printer! :)

    I'm glad a lot of us are joining the Peace Train. We should mount some kind of coordinated blogging campaign on a few designated days a year... We can do at least that!

  7. You're welcome, DSM! We all need PEACE to stay alive and healthy!

  8. Welcome to the Peace Train, Angela! I'm glad you posted it on your blog!

    Hope your mom is doing well.

  9. Hi Joy. I'm glad you joined the P.T., and I'll be over to look at your blog.

  10. Thank you Ms Linda. I am glad someone like you care to visit my blog. I like your blog and admire your insights!God bless you.


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