Sunday, November 11, 2007

Introducing the Beautiful Abstraction of Révész Éva Gabriella

I've never met Révész Éva Gabriella in real life. She's a cyberfriend, whom I met on the Art Wanted site awhile back. Maybe a year and a half have gone by since Eva and I first exchanged notes, but I've come to cherish her warmth, enthusiasm, and above all, her humanity.

Eva speaks English so much better than I speak Hungarian, and she does a pretty good job of communicating in our language. It always pains me that I can't return the courtesy of understanding her language. Yet we have managed to communicate in a way that apparently has meaning for both of us. And of course, we share an interest in both digital art and painting.

I find Eva's art to be passionate, spiritual, and just plain exquisite. So I wanted to share it with you here. Some day I'm going to meet Eva in Europe, and we're going to have coffee or lunch and go museum-hopping together! But in the meantime, I will enjoy staying in touch with her and looking at her lovely art!

Eva's site is under construction, and I don't know when it will be finished. But I have her link in my sidebar, awaiting the date that it's ready for the world to see.

The top work is an acrylic painting which Eva calls "Sky High Tree." The next piece down, the floral, is called "Streak of Dawn." It's a digital piece. I love both these works for the warm and glowing light that permeates them, and for the tactile and sensuous surface quality. The third one down, the one with all those magical shades of yellows and greens, is another digital painting that Eva calls "April." It's fresh and has its own delicate magic, and a somewhat ambiguous but alluring space. And the final piece is an acrylic painting called "The Crater."

I think Eva's sense of drama and consequence come across in her work, as does a quality that I think of as being reverent or mystical. I hope you've enjoyed seeing a sampling of the work of my friend from Hungary, Révész Éva Gabriella. The way they structure their names is different in Eva's culture. But that doesn't matter--to me, she's just my dear friend Eva.

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