Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where There is Life, There is Hope

I just wanted to upload my photo "Galaxy" before I quit my computer for the day. I've been thinking a lot about global warming this past week, partly due to all the attention to the subject that's been circulating in the Blogosphere. I think that both people and nations are finally getting it, but there's so much work to be done. And it has to begin with us. If we don't find the political will to press for rational and effective legislation, we'll slide further into the horrors of climate change.

I have to comfort myself by telling myself this: While there is life, there is hope. If I can still find beauty on the beach or in the forest, there is hope. If I can see the universe in a cluster of beach pebbles, there is hope.

I wish each of you hope and resolve as you lay your head down tonight. May we all find enough beauty in our world to really cherish it. May we work collectively and as individuals to preserve our Earth.

Image and text c 2007 Lynda Lehmann. To see more of my art or purchase "Galaxy," please visit .


  1. How pretty! Global warming is bothering many people. I totally understand how you feel. :) *HUGS*

  2. lynda, thanks for stopping in.

    I am very pleased to have found this art blog and wouldn't have done so if you hadn't first dropped in first.

    I'll be placing you into my menage a blogs area just so my readers can meet you too if that's ok with you, too.

  3. Thanks Saboma. I like your wit and well-placed irreverence, so I'll do the same!

  4. You are right! At least it's moving in the right directions now.

    As usual, you image is beautiful and it somehow conveys the Global Warming message. Nice :)


  5. This photo evokes such feelings of cleaniness, freshness, and purity... a perfect pairing with your insights. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  6. We can only hope that if and when we do act, it's not too late to avoid global crisis. Basically I'm an optimist, but the way we've lagged on the monumental threat posed by this issue is second only to how we have defaulted on nuclear weapons and nuclear waste issues.

    Have a nice weekend, James!

  7. Cindy, thanks for your kind words. I guess we are all touched by what seems elemental and primordial...

  8. Lynda, beautiful and stunning photo. As much as there is lot of awareness about global warming, and I can see lot of pollution on the horizon when going to the city, I still see lot of beautiful nature around us, and I hope it will last from generation to generation. Anna :)

  9. A perfect image to go along with your post - very well done!!

  10. I love the image. It really brings hope to me.

    I'm not sure why but I just love it!

  11. superb photo !!!!!
    lovely post Lynda...
    some wonderful thoughts and I hope
    your wishes for climate change come true.. :)

  12. Thanks Kim, Anna, Raymond, and Everybody. I think we all long for a sense of the permanent, the elemental and primordial. I was hoping this post would not be read as negative or depressing, but if the photo offsets that tendency, that's a good thing. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. KML, I'm glad you enjoyed my post! (Are we similar again this week, lol?)

  14. I've been thinking about global warming too, probably due to all the press it has been getting. But not just that, also some other gloomy subjects, like overdevelopment, and super bugs. :) I hope that all nations, especially those that are greater contributors to our collective peril, "get it" and seek change...

  15. Me, too, Shimniok. It seems we MAKE many of our problems. As a species, we are short-sighted and lack true leadership. We have an obsessive focus on stating and enforcing what we call "values," but again, we often waste time on the wrong "culprits." Hope we wise up before it's too late.

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