Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where There is Life, There is Hope

I just wanted to upload my photo "Galaxy" before I quit my computer for the day. I've been thinking a lot about global warming this past week, partly due to all the attention to the subject that's been circulating in the Blogosphere. I think that both people and nations are finally getting it, but there's so much work to be done. And it has to begin with us. If we don't find the political will to press for rational and effective legislation, we'll slide further into the horrors of climate change.

I have to comfort myself by telling myself this: While there is life, there is hope. If I can still find beauty on the beach or in the forest, there is hope. If I can see the universe in a cluster of beach pebbles, there is hope.

I wish each of you hope and resolve as you lay your head down tonight. May we all find enough beauty in our world to really cherish it. May we work collectively and as individuals to preserve our Earth.

Image and text c 2007 Lynda Lehmann. To see more of my art or purchase "Galaxy," please visit .

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