Monday, October 15, 2007

Ethos, Corporolithic

Today is Blog Action Day, but I think we should be good Earth stewards every day, talking and writing about environmental issues to raise awareness about them. Of course we have to walk the walk, too, instead of just giving it lip service. That means educating ourselves and our families about sources of pollution, about toxins and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Not only are our air and water in jeopardy, but so is all of biodiversity. Biodiversity is the core of life, because in the grand scheme of the food chain, the threatening or extinction of one species effects all others.

Many of my blog posts have been about the Earth, and if you are familiar with my art, I think my love for our planet comes across. The same passion is in my writing, in poems, stories and several novels that are dear to my heart because of their meaning. I can't seem to write or paint or point my camera and shoot, without thinking of how the human condition impacts our planet. Mostly, I think, it's greed and selfishness that cause some people to behave as if the universe exists for their private gain. I feel sorry for those who don't feel connected to the universe, or a sense of oneness with Creation. Or however you want to say it.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I've posted this one, "Ethos, Corporolithic." I hope it will bring across the horror we would feel if the sky turned yellow-orange and became so murky with sulfurous-looking clouds that the color of sea and lake water would change. How would we feel if emerald green forests became only a mass of tangled, dried and shriveled skeletons of once-lush plant life? Or if world-wide wars were fought for water and not just for fuel oil?

I'm very concerned about reducing our carbon footprint as well as protecting species and safeguarding the public health. I have the links to some reputable environmental groups posted in my sidebar, if you're interested. They make it easy to get informed on ongoing and emerging environmental concerns, and to make your voice heard.

I read Al Gore's book, EARTH IN THE BALANCE, over 20 years ago, and to this day, believe his premise and most of how it's presented. We are in trouble and should not be fooled by our perceived power (technological or intellectual) or affluence. And we should not entirely blame governments or corporations, although a runaway profit motive seems to have vanquished morality and a healthy concern for the common good. We each have a role to play. Let's leave something of life as we know it, for our children and grandchildren. Anyone who by his or her actions plunders the Earth, steals from us all.
Image and text c Lynda Lehmann

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