Sunday, October 14, 2007

Where the Truth Lies...

The truth lies behind eight billion doors (and windows).

The truth wears six billion faces, each with different life circumstances, a different life script, and a different mode of emotional being. For me, doing art takes me to a place from which I can accept all scripts and embrace the subjective and relative nature of truth....

Because my own script, when involved in creative process, is so engaging to me, always varied and full of mystery, it teaches me both tolerance and hope. The bounty of creative options available to me gives me confidence in the infinite potential of the universe, for hope, harmony, and healing. In short, it gives me joy.

-The above two paragraphs are quoted from my article "Art and Power," published in Creativity Portal, . You can read the article in its entirety if you like. I'd be interested to hear how you experience your own subjectivity!

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