Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Solace of Sunlit Spaces

Every once in awhile, I come upon a cozy natural space that makes my heart sing. It could be shaded or sunlit, overgrown, or open and windswept. It could be leafy or pebble-strewn. It could be low-lying as in a marsh, or elevated like a granite outcrop where I can sit and feel the sunlight on my shoulders while taking in an awesome and inspiring view.

Such places give me solace, fill my soul with joy, mystery, and renewed hope for the world.

This past summer while canoeing, I came upon some half rotted tree trunks burgeoning out of the muck of the overgrown lake shore. I thought that even in their decay, they have their own beauty. After all, they speak of the infinite and continuously unfolding life cycles that play out all over our gorgeous planet.

I want to share a few of these views with you. I'll post more when I find them. I thank God for the sunlight, for the pristine peace of the lake, and for these quiet outposts of life and life that has passed. They all speak to me of Eternity.

Image and text c Lynda Lehmann.

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